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Florence nightingale museum mural

This was a commission from the Florence Nightingale Museum to design two murals for their new family corner. The idea was to make a mural that reflects the historical legacy of Florence Nightingale and another that acts as a celebration of modern day nursing in a way that was both engaging for children and reflective of how colourful and friendly children's wards really are. 

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Olio cover submission


My submission for the cover of the University of Gloucestershire's graduate book, Olio.

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Armistice and legacy- the national archives


Armistice and Legacy was a week-long project at the National Archives marking 100 years since the end of The First World War where I, along with 8 other students, each illustrated a story written by writer/illustrator Carol Adlam. The graphic novel is made up of stories that reflect the diverse experiences from the war, drawing on the records and research at the National Archives. I provided four of the chapter breaks and illustrated the story of the pigeoneer. As well as this, I worked with Mattew Lee to write and illustrate an additional story called the yeoman which appears in the newsprint version sold in the National Archives bookstore. The Yeoman is set during the Southern Palestine Offensive in the Middle East during the First World War and was written by piecing together original records from the National Archives such as diary entries, attestation files, photos and maps. See the full project by clicking the link below.

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